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Visiting Daddy in Jakarta

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Via and I got back last Monday from visiting Daddy in Jakarta. It was a long-awaited trip for us, especially for me, ever since I booked the tickets that meant we were officially going!

I borrowed luggage from Becky since mine was a small carry-on. Our Cebu Pacific flight to Jakarta was at 9:30pm. We got to the airport very early, well didn't turn out to be early. It was pouring rain that afternoon. Hard to get a taxi. Good thing the guard was good enough to flag one for us. Then, since it was raining hard, traffic to Terminal 3 was very bad. Still we got to the airport before 6pm. 

After paying the travel tax, 50% only for Via, we checked in. I did a web check in the night before so we didn't have to wait long to check in. Then we went to eat because I didn't want to get hungry on the flight and be forced to buy the expensive food. Takot ako magutom eh! I was looking for Max's because Via always eats chicken at restaurants. At home always fish and veggies. Good balance no?

Walang Max's! We ended up in Kenny Rogers. Okay na din. After eating, we went through immigration and looked around the shops at Terminal 3. Lots of time to kill. The flight ended up delayed one hour. Hay. Cebu Pacific. That's why I prefer PAL. This is only my second time to fly Cebu Pacific.  

Flight was uneventful. Via loves take offs. She was impatient for the seatbelt sign to be off so she could draw.

We arrived in Jakarta around 1:30am. Took a while to get our suitcase from the carousel because we checked in early, I guess our suitcase went in first and came out last. Soekarno-Hatta Airport at that time of night was deserted. I was afraid P wasn't there. I didn't see anyone. I remember Becky asking me if P would pick us up (or was it Pearl). P and I did not talk about him meeting us at the airport. I assumed he would pick us up of course. I can almost hear Becky saying, "Marie! Dapat pinaguusapan yun para sigurado!"

Then he came out from behind a big post. He was hiding! He picked Via up and hugged her and started walking away leaving me we the suitcase! Hmp! Then, I guess he suddenly remembered me. Put down Via gave me a kiss and hug and took the suitcase.

We took a Bluebird taxi. Always Bluebird if you're in Jakarta. Now there's also White Horse. So these two taxi cabs are reliable. The others, you will have to take your chances.

We went to Swissbel Hotel where he said he'd book us the whole week. P is not sweet or demonstrative with his affections. But you will know he cares because of the things he does. When we got to the hotel he showed us the mini ref where he already put in juices and Yakult for Via. He bought food and snacks. There was my favorite Martabak with Cheese filling (he's already eaten half of it though....hahaha). He bought sunscreen and whitening lotion for us.

The room had twin beds. I took one bed and P and Via the other bed. After Via was asleep, P joined me on the other bed. I was worried Via would roll off the bed but P said she'll be okay. Big girl na sya! P had both beds joined the next day instead of us moving to another room that had one big bed. Moving would have been a hassle.

It was almost 3am. We were all sleepy and exhausted. We fell asleep soon after.


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