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Summer Camp Again!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

I was eager for Via to join summer camp again this year. It will be her second. She's going knowing that two of the friends she made at last year's summer camp will also be there which added to the excitement. The 3 of them became best friends. The summer camp is organized by our church and will be at La Vista Resort in Pansol, Laguna.

This year there were 6 from the Kinder Sabbath School. Activities this year were all indoors: arts and crafts, bible lessons and games. There was a game of stepping on a newspaper. Our team was made up of mommies and their kids, 5 kids and 5 moms. We all had to fit on the newspaper as it got smaller and smaller.  We won! We carried our kids on our backs and shoulders to fit unlike the other teams with bigger kids.

 photo IMG_0253_zps23fc89ad.jpg

 photo IMG_0243_zps05944462.jpg

 photo IMG_0272_zps53467b76.jpg

After the camp activities were done, kids were allowed to go swimming, visit the zoo and the playground. Via couldn't get enough of the playground especially because it had a castle where she pretended to be Rapunzel.

 photo IMG_0326_zps1e72fbc2.jpg

 photo IMG_0297_zps3bd354fd.jpg

 photo IMG_0318_zps6d2c3ae2.jpg

It was a great weekend for us and we will surely join next year.


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