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Mother's Day with the Twerp

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Not that we really celebrate Mother's Day. Even when I was a kid, we never did. What Via and I did was make breakfast together.

Via and I watched a video of Dr. Maya Adam from my Child Nutrition course at It showed Dr. Maya Adam making breakfast with her two-year old son. I think it was called Egg in a Hole. She said, "Mommy, let's make this for breakfast."  And so we did on Mother's Day.

What you need:

Big, thick bread; 1 egg; Butter; Salt and pepper to taste

The how:

Cut a hole in the middle of the bread big enough for the egg to fit in. Heat up 1 tablespoon of butter in  a pan. Add the bread. Break the egg in the bread hole. Wait until the egg solidifies a bit then turn it over. Once the egg is dry, remove from the pan. Enjoy with your little one. Sarap!

 photo IMG_03831_zpsaf487b34.jpg

 photo IMG_03951_zps3b3acc3a.jpg

After our breakfast, we got ready to attend my nephew Dwight's binyag. We reconnected with Titas and Titos and other relatives. We only see our relatives during "big" events like baptisms, deaths, weddings, etc. I should really make an effort to see them more. 

Our relatives marveled at how unlike me she is. I was a painfully shy kid who stayed in one corner and prayed nobody would notice me or talk to me. Via, on the other hand, was dancing all over the place and talked to everyone who said hello to her.  I say it's good for her.

 photo IMG_04411_zps6b16d257.jpg

When we went home, Via wanted to go biking which we did. After biking, she wanted to go swimming and we did. We had a full day and went to bed early, tired but happy.


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