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Kids in Stripes at Fridays

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Thank you Becky for sponsoring the Twerp's stint in Fridays. It's P1,000 for four days that included a T-shirt, meals and snacks, and unlimited iced tea (she knows she's not allowed but took advantage of the opportunity!) or lemonade. Sobrang sulit!

When Bex and I passed by Fridays and saw the posted for "Kids in Stripes", we were told slots were limited and we should enroll her as soon as possible. I think about two per week.

For Via's batch in mid May, I counted 8 kids. Ang dami siguro gusto mag enroll that they gave in and accepted everyone.

She met new friends, did artwork, "cooking" in the kitchen which was in fact making their own lemonade drinks, oreo's and milk, helping serve drinks and food, and give menus. Via broken plate pero okay lang daw. For their "graduation" the had a song and dance number that they did outside the restaurant so shoppers in the mall could watch. The Twerp loved it!

 photo IMG006_zps133ccd77.jpg

Via enjoyed Kids in Stripes at Fridays. She was the youngest at 4 and got the "Mona Lisa Smile" award for always smiling. 


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