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Hello Summer!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

It's that time of the year to go to the beach, wear shorts, flip flops and sandals. I do love summer despite the heat because you get to wear really casual clothes and wear sandals. Via will get to wear her pink swimsuit more often. She loves a dip in the pool but we don't get to do it often because the pool is always freezing and I hate being cold. Daddy is better. He's the one who always goes swimming with Via. I love kids swimsuits. Why can't they make bigger versions of them :)

Now that I'm wearing sandals more, I'm much more aware of the state of my toenails. I don't often go for mani/pedi because I get impatient sitting in a salon. Also, the reason why I've never colored my hair, never go for rebonding and whatnot. I can't stand sitting there in the salon or nail polish shop waiting for my turn and waiting again while it's being done. Anyway, since I've discovered that Via's caregiver who's actually a cousin, knows how to do mani/pedi and cut hair, I've become interested in nail polish. For starters, I put something neutral but now that it's summer, I want to try deeper colors.

I've been looking at nail polish colors on the internet instead of going to the mall and I can across julep maven. I love the colors. They're perfect for summer. But they also have neutral colors that I like which are also perfect for french manicures.

I'm thinking of putting polish on Via's toenails as well but Daddy might have a fit :) Maybe when she's a little older. For now, she's having fun checking out the colors and trying to do her nails and copying what I'm doing.


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