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A Break from Work

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Been off from work since Monday until the 2nd of January. How to spend it? If P were here we would be off to Bangkok again most likely. But he's not and cannot join us for the holidays. So what to do?

It's good not to have anything planned. I'm really exhausted and all I want is to stay home and do nothing. Well not nothing. I'll continue reading "A Dance of Dragons" which I started reading sometime in October. I haven't gone past the first few pages. I went through the first four books in about a week but got caught up in work when I started with the fifth book.


I will watch a lot of movies, have a Modern Family marathon (I love it!), play a lot of FB games (rearrange my city and build my kingdom), and best of all, enjoy this time with the Twerp. I love the city during the holidays, especially on Christmas day and New Year. The business district is deserted and it's great to walk around.

The other day, the Twerp and I went with my friend Bex to Greenhills. It's much like MBK in Bangkok and I haven't been there for ages. I was enjoying just looking having no intention to buy anything (I need to get rid of stuff at home before the New Year). However, I saw this small "Longchamps" bag which I have wanted to have for ages and Bex got a really good price. I'm no good at bartering myself and wouldn't have gotten it for P250.


We got out of Shoppesville when it started to get crowded and had lunch at Yellow Cab. We had our all time favorite, Dear Darla pizza and Charlie Chan pasta.


Today is my friend Nono's birthday. She's my oldest friend. We met in 3rd grade and have been the closest friends since. The Twerp and I will have lunch with her. Later today, I hope I'm not too tired, we will have a swim and try out Via's new swimsuit from Tita Bex.


Bye now, I'll  do a little yoga before we go. Yoga, by the way, has been a life saver during the stressful peak season at work and Esther Eckhart is the best yoga teacher! Check out her site and youtube videos.


lina December 22, 2011 at 7:08 PM  

Enjoy your rest days, Jellybelly!

That swimsuit is so cute! :)

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