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Thursday, November 10, 2011

These past couple of weeks have been truly exhausting. I worked overtime until very late at night almost everyday including weekends. The Twerp is asleep when I get home and the only time I get to spend with her is in the morning about an hour before I go to work. Sometimes she's not awake but I wake her up to have breakfast together.  It's been very stressful and I always try to do a little yoga when I get home, no matter how late it is. It helps me to sleep well and feel refreshed in the morning even if I have less than 8 hours sleep.

The past few days when I say goodbye to Via in the morning to go to work, she would say, "I coming, I coming." Of course I can't take her with me and she would dissolve in tears. This week will hopefully be easier as we near the end of our peak season. Today I brought Via to the office so we could have breakfast together. That satisfied her and she didn't cry when they went home after breakfast.

Her playmates had their birthdays at the same time last Sunday. She attended the one that's nearer. Her Tita (aunt) who takes care of her went with her to the party and apparently she joined the games and even got a prize :)


lina November 10, 2011 at 1:49 AM  

Oh dear, hope you can manage with the stressful work.

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