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So Far So Good

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

This is the third week of Via's summer pre-school. I haven't yet decided whether to enroll her for the full year this June. Daddy says she's still too young and she should just play and we can teach her the basics at home. I said let's see after the summer classes are finished.

As early as now I'm asking around for a good school. It's tricky because most of the good schools are catholic schools. I'm trying to look for a non-denominational school like The Learning Tree where my officemate's children (they're Baptist) went to school.   

I like Via's pre-school especially the sign outside the door that says, "They come as gifts, they leave us gifted." I also like the ways they progress. Yayas are now asked to stay in the waiting area and leave their charges by themselves in class so they would get used to being by themselves. Via's doing alright compared to 2 of her classmates who cry non-stop when left alone. I asked Yaya to video Via when there are activities and during snack time and so far, I'm happy with how she's doing. She sits right in front of the teachers and is attentive. She joins in the activities although there are times that she does her own thing. Most of the time though joins in. Attending Sabbath school has helped her understand instructions.

I cannot gauge if she likes going to school. When I ask if she wants to go to school, sometimes she says NO. But then, she says No a lot these days. So I guess it's best wait for summer school to finish and talk to the school directors to assess if she's ready to go to school fulltime.


Happy Easter!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Via and I spent Easter Sunday with my friends. Two birthdays were celebrated with a wonderful lunch at M's sister's new house. We planned to go to the wake of another friend's father who passed away last Wednesday. Our friend would be flying in from the US in the morning so we estimated she would be at the wake in the afternoon. We spent the time chatting and catching up with each other while killing time.

I wish I took photos of the house. I loved the high ceiling in the living room and, although it wasn't very big, it look roomy enough with a big backyard. It would be nice to be a homeowner again. Not that I'm planning to buy property anytime soon but I was thinking if I would buy property it would be a condo. Now with all these earthquakes and that lovely house, I'm changing my mind. Anyway, we feasted on these yummy, yummy home made food.

Seafood Paella

Beef Mechado

Stuffed Chicken. This is super delicious.

Steamed shrimps

 It took Via a long time to get warmed up to people and then only with this little boy, my friend's son.

Whenever he moved, she was sure to follow pushing up close to him.

I enrolled Via in pre-school summer classes to get him used to be around people. She's been doing alright in class, allowing herself to be left alone. However, in other situations such as yesterday, she was still clingy and didn't really warm up to other people. I hope in time she'll get over it.


The Twerp's First Day at Pre-school

Monday, April 11, 2011

I enrolled my two-year old daughter for pre-school summer classes to give her a chance to be with children her own age and develop social skills. I noticed that she's bit shy.

Today is the first day and I took time off from work to be with her. She joined the class for 2.5 y.o and below. To break the ice, the children were encouraged to play with the toys scattered around for that purpose.

After the children seemed to have gotten comfortable, they were gathered in front of the teacher for story telling.

After story telling, the children were asked to take seats at the table and given kangaroo cutouts to color.

While coloring, the school directress came in and asked me if it was alright to transfer Via to the other class of older children. It seemed she was the oldest in this class, the next one being 2 years old. Via is 2 years and 4 months. But, she told me, Via would be the youngest in the other class because the children there were turning 3 years old. I said it's fine since I noticed what they would be doing in the first class was too simple for Via now.

We entered while they were telling a story at the next class and Via blended right in. This class is smaller and has only about 7 students. Perfect!

Then came the break. The children took their bags from the shelves and got their snacks out.

After the break, the made a panda bear which was the topic of the story telling.

Before we knew it, first day was over. I let her play a little bit at the play area at the reception before we headed home.

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