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The Twerp is Not Getting Enough Sleep

Friday, June 25, 2010

How can you tell if your toddler is getting enough sleep? Some of the signs are becoming difficult at bedtime, sleeping late in the morning or difficult to wake up, sluggish, falling asleep anywhere, more aggressive at daytime and very cranky upon waking.

The Twerp did not show any of these signs. She’s her usual cheerful, playful and curious self. However, her eyes looked very tired and sleepy. She does resist being put to sleep and asks for milk or juice or water. Anything that would delay going to sleep. Once she’s put to bed though, she falls asleep almost instantly. During the day however, she doesn’t get enough sleep. Sometimes only half an hour because it’s just too hot. With the increase in electric bills a couple months ago, I’m loathe to turn on the air-condition.

I was thinking of how to make her want to go to sleep. My officemate’s niece likes having naps. She naps in a tent set up in their living room. Camping tents for napping? Sounds like a good idea. I think the Twerp will like it. But tents are expensive. I hope I find a cheap play-type tent for children in the malls or the toy store.

I’m just really concerned with the Twerp’s quality of sleep because she really looks tired even if she’s still very active. This week I told her caregiver to turn on the air-condition when she’s showing signs of being sleepy to make her comfortable. The past three days she was able to have long naps of 2–3 hours. Her appearance improved a bit. And last night, I had her put to bed at 6:30 (very early because her bedtime is 7:30 or 8:00 PM). I had the air-condition turned on all night. She slept through the night with once asking for milk. The previous nights she would always wake once or twice and ask for milk. This morning she looked so much better. I’m afraid that she will go back to resisting sleep though so I will still look for affordable tents.


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