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Do Toddlers Get Nightmares?

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I first noticed my daughter cry or wail in her sleep a couple of months ago. Looking in on her, she was still fast asleep making me think that she was having a bad dream. What could possibly give her bad dreams at her young age? Apparently, many reasons like TV shows, something that happened during the day, or stress from separation anxiety or even going to bed. It could not be from watching TV because she's not allowed to watch TV yet. 

Whatever the reason for these nightmares, the best thing to do is give her assurance right away by holding her or rubbing her back until she's calm. It won't do to tell her that it's nothing because she is still unable to understand the concept of dreaming.

Nightmares can be prevented by having a bedtime routine that will soothe and get her ready for bed such having a warm bath then reading a book or playing soothing music. If nightmares persist or gets worse, it's better to bring baby to her pediatrician.


Eihdra June 3, 2010 at 12:23 AM  

When my toddler turned 2, I noticed that too..So what I did what search the net for some quality advice.

What I do is, sing him his fave song and tap or hug him. It works every time!

Those things that you stated we cant help because it happens..All we mothers need to do is comfort our little ones..

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