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The Twerp and Tooth Cavity Scare

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The other night while playing with Via, she was laughing so hard that I could see all her teeth. She has 8 front teeth, 4 molars and incisors starting to come out. I was horrified to see dark spots in the middle of her bottom first molars. I can't believe she has tooth decay! I had thoughts her drinking milk in the middle of the night and not being able to clean her teeth after or maybe she sometimes falls asleep while drinking her milk.

I dug at the dark spots to see if they were really cavities. I was so relieved when they came off revealing white teeth. I guess it was food stuck there. However, I was so upset about it that I brushed her teeth right there and then no matter how much she cried in protest. She hated having her teeth brushed. I told her caregiver to brush her teeth every morning and before she goes to sleep without fail no matter how much she dislikes it.

It's actually easy to care for baby teeth but when babies become toddlers, they are not as malleable and are bound to protest. Here are some tips on caring for baby teeth.
  • Clean baby's mouth even when there are still no teeth. Just wipe the gums with a wet washcloth.
  • Once tooth comes out, clean it the same way as the gums, by wiping with a wet washcloth.
  • Always give baby some water after meals or drinking milk.
  • Don't use the bottle to put baby to sleep. It causes cavities.
  • When baby begins to have more teeth, use a baby toothbrush and non-fluoride toothpaste like sansfluo to brush her teeth.
  • Bring baby to the dentist on her first birthday or when teeth start to come out, for a checkup.
  • Avoid giving sweets to your child.


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