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What a Nice Surprise from my Boss

Friday, February 12, 2010

When my new boss joined our division in March last year, I had difficulty adjusting to his work and management style. You see, I had worked with my old boss for so long. Ever since I joined this organization in 1998, with the exception of about 3 years in between, I had worked for him until last year. He was very laidback and easygoing and very easy to get along with. As long as you produced results, he will leave you at peace to do your work. This new boss is the complete opposite. He is on your back for updates on what you're working on all the time, however, minor. Very obessessive-compulsive.

Because I had so much difficulty with him, I tried to transfer to other departments in our organization but it was hard. Until our peak season came around from August to December. I had no choice then but to concentrate on the work and learn to get along with him.

When I did that, I began to get to know him as a person and found out that he is a kind man and actually very understanding. It's not a problem to get time off from work especially if it concerns family. And during our peak season, I was too busy to notice him.

At my performance evaluation discussion with my boss last week, imagine my surprise when he said he would give me special recommendation (that means a higher pay increase). My surprise probably showed on my face because he smiled and said, he was not happy with me at the beginning but later on he said my work during our peak season was outstanding and that I exceeded myself. Wow! I admitted to him then that I had much difficulty with him at first explaining about the difference between him and my old boss. But I said I have adjusted and am now quite happy working for him. And I am.

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