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That Pesky Cough

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Today we visited Via's pediatrician, Dr. Palmero again. There was little improvement from last week even after she finished taking her med for 7 days. She lost a lot of weight. Last week she weighed 11.2kg. Now it's 10kg! The assistant took her weight twice because she couldn't believe the big weight loss. It's nothing to worry about though because the weight is still normal. She was actually a little overweight.

Dr. Palmero did the usual, checking her temperature, listening to her lungs, etc. Her lungs sounded better now and I was told that recovery is about 2 weeks. Then I told Dr. Palmero that I had runny nose myself and dry cough which I probably got from Via. She said that's probably why recovery is slow. She's exposed to my bacteria. I said, I got this from her! Doesn't matter, my colds and cough is causing her slow recovery. Dr. Palmero advised me to wear a mask so as not to shower Via with bacteria :)

I also asked about the tips of Via's fingers turning somewhat orange. Dr. Palmero asked me if she ate a lot of orange colored food. Well, she eats squash a lot. She said it's also nothing to worry about. Just that her system is unable to eliminate the residue but nothing really wrong. If I'm worried, she said to stop eating orange colored foods for a week or so.

I feel better now knowing she's on the road to recovery albeit kinda slowly. Her appetite is picking up again so I'm sure she'll regain the lost weight in no time.


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