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Leg Cramp It's Not

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ever since I started taking up badminton about 6 years ago, I've been lucky to have escaped the injuries that some of my playing buddies experienced. However, I did have my share. In 2007, I fractured my foot while training. I hadn't warmed up enough that time because I was late. So when I had a misstep while trying to get a round the head shot, I fell and twisted my ankle. I thought that was all but after having my foot x-rayed, it was a hairline fracture. I had to stop playing for about 2 months.

My next injury was last year, a tennis elbow. After months of inactivity due to pregnancy, I went back to playing with a vengeance after I got my doctor's clearance at my six week check up. My arm muscles weren't strong enough to take it which resulted in not only a tennis elbow but also golfer's elbow. I was told to stop playing for 2 months to rest it completely. I lasted one month and back to the court I was with my pain relieving ointments and elbow strap. Until now I still feel a slight pain there.

This last injury occurred last night. I ran and lunged to get a drop. In midrun, I felt a pop or something moved in the area of my calf. I stopped instantly and stretched it thinking it was a cramp. But then the pain didn't go away. P examined my leg when I got home and told me I most probably tore my calf muscle. He had me put ice on it and slept with my leg elevated. This morning it was still very painful and I walked with a limp. I took the afternoon off work to have my leg checked and yes, P was right. It is a torn calf muscle. Not that serious though the sports doctor told me. I should be playing within 2 weeks if I take care of it and let it heal the right way. To eliminate other problems, he did a nerve check. That was expensive! Then I had physical therapy. I'll have 5 more physical therapy sessions then the doctor will see me again. Hopefully to pronounce me well healed and ready to hit the courts again.


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