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Traveling with Baby

Monday, December 21, 2009

We will be going to Bangkok after Christmas. The first time P and I traveled together was in December 2007 also to Bangkok. That time we just thought of going at the spur of the moment. We bought our tickets on December 23 and left on December 27 with no hotel booking on a peak season and one small bag of clothes. It was my first time to travel like that. It turned out alright and was actually fun.

This time though, we will be traveling with Via along. P said we should have a hotel booking before leaving and not take a budget airline since we need more legroom. Having a 12 month old along while traveling will probably challenge our traveling light but I plan on taking along the barest minimum. One thing I hope P will agree to bring along though is the umbrella stroller. Via has gotten really heavy this past few weeks. She's now 10 kilos and I don't look forward to carrying her through the airport.

My checklist for air travel with a 12-month old (5 days):

Formula and 3 bottles
6 change of clothes
21 pcs of diapers
Baby wipes
Sippy cup
3 all purpose cloth
instant oatmeal
2 toys
mosquito repellant
drapolene (rash creme)
nasal saline
nivea top to toe wash
duct tape (for child proofing the room)


The Toddler Years

Thursday, December 10, 2009

I've been dreading what they call the "toddler years." Mostly, I worry about striking the right balance between discipline and allowing Via to explore and learn by herself. But, since she's only turned 12 months last week, I thought I have a few months to decide on how best to manage my goal.

Just seeing how fast her development has been, I realize I don't have much time. She started walking confidently and unaided at 11 months. Now at 12 months, she's climbing tables, her crib, sliding off our bed by herself. This week her new thing is standing on her rocker and balancing while it's rocking. She gets into all the nooks and crannies of our home. Last week, as she was going through the shoe cabinet, she found dumb bells. These are 2 pounds each.

Still, I want her to keep exploring, try everything, and learning on her own without the word NO, NO, NO, echoing in her ear all the time. So I told her caregiver to just say no when she's in danger. If it's just tearing magazines, breaking problem......let her (as her Daddy says). Just watch her closely always so she doesn't hurt herself.


Happy First Birthday!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

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