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Not Quite Lucky After All

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

When typhoon ondoy was pouring it's rains down on Metro Manila that Saturday, we were holed up in our building enjoying the cool weather. We did have a little problem though. We had no water! At first we thought it was because we were late paying the association dues :) I learned the night before though that apparently, the contractor of the building being built beside our building hit the water tank. So that morning, I decided to go to the office to take a bath and bring Via with me. When we got to the lobby about to go out, the rain was really pouring and it was flooded up to mid calf. In Ortigas Center! After waiting a few minutes I realized the rain will not stop so we waded in the flood to go to my office across the street. I bathed Via in the wash basin then took my shower. When we went home it was still raining although not as hard and the flood had gone down a bit.

The next day, Via and I took our baths at my office again still without an inkling of the devastation Ondoy was wreaking. It was only on Monday hearing my officemates' stories that I learned the extent of the devastation. One of my coworkers had her house completely submerged as it was a bungalow. Some of the staff in my office took temporary refuge in our office building. I was tempted to join them. We were beginning to feel how difficult it is to live without water.

You might wonder why we had no idea of what was happening outside our building. We hardly watch TV anymore. When Via was born, the TV was moved out of our bedroom to make room for her crib. And P doesn't want Via to watch any TV until she's at least 2. So we were clueless.

Now almost three weeks after typhoon ondoy, we still don't have water. Some say it might take another week. Hopefully! Meanwhile, I continue to take baths at the office before going home. Via's yaya continues to get water from the upper basement late at night. We are all sleep deprived because of it.

One good thing out of this is that I learned to appreciate the importance of water and not waste it.


Anonymous,  October 15, 2009 at 8:47 AM  

Heller, when are you going to buy an orocan??!!

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