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At Wits End!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

My beloved boss, an Indian national, recently retired. His successor is also Indian but...... big big BUT...a far cry from him. Beloved boss was an action man who used his "street smarts" to get work done. Don't get me wrong. He's also a very smart man. He's laid back and a procrastinator BUT he always got the job done and much more. New boss on the other had is at the other end of the pole. He insists on following the rules and always from step 1. He's obsessive-compulsive. He has a sharp tongue and does not care much for chit chat. He repeats his instructions about 3 times everytime. I could go on and on and on....

Ours is a small division of less that 20 staff. More than half have started applying to other departments since he joined our division. At first my co-workers couldn't understand why I suddenly submitted one application after another to other departments. Then one by one they told I understand why.

I looked at his birth year and saw he has 9 years to go before retirement. A long time to wait. I hope he gets promoted after a couple of years if I am unable to leave this division. For now, I'll just have to stick it out and hope I land a transfer somewhere.


2009 Philippine Open

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

It was a disappointment in terms of participating players. This tournament which has been held twice (2006 and 2007) has not really drawn the badminton stars. Maybe because it's new. Maybe because it's only a grand prix tournament. Nevertheless, it was still interesting to watch. But this year, because of the swine flu, many other players withdrew. I was really disappointednot to see Lee Wan Wah play again.

We bought tickets only a week before the tournament began so our seats were not front and center. Doesn't matter. Once you're inside (ringside that is) you can move around and change seats. Correct seating only mattered on the day of the finals. Despite the weak draw, some of the matches were interesting. One of the best was mixed doubles Trikus Harjanto/Minarti Timur v.s. chinese youngsters in the quarterfinals. Trikus who's now in his early forties along with Minarti, put on weight with a big belly but could still give the youngsters a run for their money. Imagine the match going to three games with the deciding match ending at 21-17. The second game was a heartbreaker. They almost won it but lost out in the end 25-23. Not bad at all. His racket skills were still awesome. Tricky Trikus P christened him. Minarti though was no help at all. Some nice pushes in front when the shuttle is right in front of her. As P said, that was all she could do. P said Trikus was like these old old people back home who could give the kids the runaround in the court. Old old people like 40, 45. Errrr, did you forget my age?

I was also sorry to see Yippy lose her match, also 3 games, to another young chinese player. The chinese only sent the backup to the backup to the backup but still managed to win 4 of the five titles. Incredible!

Hopefully, next year's Philippine Open will have star power.

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