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Food Cravings

Monday, August 4, 2008

I mentioned in my earlier post that I've never had any food cravings since the first trimester passed by without my being aware of it. Still, there are so many foods that are not allowed. No sushi, salad, seafood, soft cheeses, unapasteurized milk....and the list goes on. It's fine, I get that. There are just times that I absolutely have to have coffee. Am not a big coffee drinker. One cup every morning is all I take. I like the taste of it and it warms my tummy in the morning. So my deal is I have coffee once a week, diluted by lots of milk and I try not to finish the whole cup. Another thing is the cheese. I love cheeses.....brie, camembert, blue cheese! Have to be content with Edam cheese (too salty naman).

The hardest though is not being able to drink coca cola. Coke is like water to me. Yesterday I wanted so badly to have a coke. I wanted to cheat, just a couple of sips. But P was there and he absolutely wouldn't let me have a coke :(

It's hard to make food choices unless I try to make everything myself. I don't have the patience nor the time to do that. So I just try to balance the good food (pinakbet, chopsuey, fruits) with the bad (crispy pata, crab maritess, pizza). Hopefully, that should do it.


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