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The Simple Life

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A few years ago I came across this book by Bo Sanchez called Simplify and Live the Good Life.

I thought it was exactly what I needed improve my finances and quality of life. I was caught up in the consumerism of the world we live in now and amazed at how simply he lived his life. Being contented with things like a second hand car and jeans from Divisoria, I realized how materialistic I had become.

However, realizing it and putting it into practice were two different things. But I gave it a try beginning with my mobile phone. My Nokia 6600 at that time was dying and I thought of buying a cheap and simple phone. I settled on a sony ericsson Z300 that had no additional features.

All it could do was make phone calls and send text messages. It didn't even have a camera. lasted all of 1 month with me. I was bored to tears. It didn't even have a decent game to pass the time. I promptly sold it and bought a Samsung X820. Still relatively affordable with nice features. I guess I shouldn't have started with mobile phones.
So now, I will start with limiting eating out; distinguishing between needs and wants before buying anything; and looking for acceptable cheaper options.

Regarding mobile phones....well that's a different story.

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