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Covid Pandemic Ruminations

Saturday, June 20, 2020

The Covid 10 pandemic abruptly became a reality for Via and me when Metro Manila was put on  lockdown on March12. 

The day before the lockdown, my colleagues and I were getting ready for a work from home dry run on Friday, March 13. We listed everything we would need to bring home the next day. I was also scheduled for my annual physical exam and had my blood test that day. There were a series of other tests scheduled through the next week. I woke up on March 12 with a text, email and Everbridge notification not to come to work as Metro Manila was placed under quarantine and my office was on lockdown having 2 covid positive staff. My mind was racing! Why did I not bring home my laptop yesterday? I don't want to use my personal laptop for work. My work laptop was configured for work and logging in would also log me into all the systems I needed automatically. After debating for a few minutes, I decided to rush to the office which was nearby and see if I could pick up what I needed. It was just before 6 am. I hurriedly put on clothes, woke Via to let her know where I was going and that I would be back in an hour, and quickly made my way to the office. I headed straight to one of the side entrances as the notification said all other gates would be closed. As I got there, I saw cars parked along the street, staff and contractors milling outside the gate. I went to the guard to say I wanted to pick up my laptop and other personal items and was let through with a reminder not to linger but come out immediately once I was done. I quickly withdrew money and headed to my workstation. There I saw a few co-workers who also lived nearby. After some chitchat and a photo at our boss's office (showing us carting away his liquor stash😂), we went about what we needed and left. I was back home within the hour and soon after, we received notifications that no one will now be allowed inside the office premises. Whew! So happy I decided to go earlier. Our WFH dry run was preempted by the real thing!

During this week, Via was preparing for her final exams the next week. Once quarantine was announced, the school suspended the final exams except for the graduating students. The next day, there was another announcement cancelling the final exams for graduating students as well. Final grade would be based on class standing. And just like that, summer vacation began. She was not even able to say goodbye to her friends.

It's now June and quarantine has been relaxed. After 3 straight months of staying home, Via and I ventured outside for a walk. I made a few masks from her old uniform because masks were out of stock during the first 2 months of quarantine. I have since ordered a few reusable masks from Lazada and find my home made masks more comfortable. I will continue making home made masks as I have a lot of material from old clothes on hand.

After 3 months of WFH, I hope that this will be a regular option to take. I find it a more efficient use of time. I do miss the morning breakfast I have with friends in the office cafeteria. This was our time to battle together in the fortress in HP Wizards Unite. I also miss the breakfast choices from sinangag, longganisa, pancakes, croissants, boiled saba, waffles, french toast....I could go on and on. Cafeteria breakfast is comfort food. I also miss going to Starbucks at the Library after lunch with my Lunchmates to just chat.

In this time of Covid pandemic,  I have learned to count my blessings. I am grateful for my job which continues to pay my salary regularly plus a one time lumpsum grant. I am thankful for my daughter who provides cheer and hope for the future, I am thankful for my friends who provide the emotional support through shared experiences, I am thankful for our relative doing the grocery runs, and much more. All these blessings though come from Him who protects, provides and saves. Thank you Jesus for everything!


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