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Happy New Year!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

We got back from our trip to Bangkok yesterday and we're exhausted! Next time we shouldn't take a midnight flight. Or maybe it's all the walking we did. I tried to sleep on the flight back but this guy behind me was snoring so loud, I really could not sleep.

We had a great time though. We arrived at Holiday Inn, Ploenchit at around 11PM and went to sleep right away. We would have gotten in earlier but our taxi driver took us to Holiday Inn, Silom. We ended up paying almost double the cab fare because of the mix up which was their fault. P told the dispatcher to take us to Holiday Inn, Ploenchit. We woke up.....or rather....Via woke us up at 8AM. We were all hungry so we went to Cafe G to have breakfast. The hostess immediately led us to a booth table and got a high chair for Via. I thought that was a good time to let her eat by herself. And she did. She didn't know how to use the spoon though. She ate with her hands. The buffet was good. I had my fill of the cheeses :)

After breakfast we went back to bed. We were all still sleepy. We went out around lunchtime but after only 30 minutes, Via fell asleep and we decided to go back to the hotel. We went out again late in the afternoon to MBK where we had dinner at the food court. The fried rice and chicken there are favorites.

The next day we went to see the Grand Palace, toured the Chao Praya river, and stopped by Wat Pho before going back. We were all exhausted. On our third day we went to the Jim Thompson museum then went mall hopping. The next day we stayed in, went swimming and had dinner at Central World Mall across the street.

I didn't have much of a must see list because we wanted to take it easy with Via along. We also could not stay out late. We still managed to visit the places at the top of our list and do a little shopping. The only thing I wanted to go to was the zoo for Via to see the animals but there was no more time.It would have been perfect except for the fiasco at the Centennial Terminal when we got back. I must say, we're still way behind in customer service even with our Asian neighbors. At the immigration in Suvarnabhumi Airport, there was a separate booth in immigration for those with babies where there was no queue. Also, the stroller was brought to us when we got off the plane. Here at the Centennial Terminal, we were told to get the stroller at the baggage carousel along with all the other baggages. Plus, on January 1, 2010, a new arrival/departure card was being implemented. These forms are usually distributed on the plane to be filled up so it's done when we get to immigration. We were given many forms, I think there were 4, which we just filled up as best as we could since we were very sleepy and I had Via on my lap.Like I said upon disembarking, we were waiting around for the stroller to be brought to us but then we were told to get it from the carousel. So we went on to immigration where a man was checking forms announcing that they were implementing a new arrival/departure card. He glanced at the form I had and said okay. At the window, this grumpy woman said to me, this is departure card, where is the other half, the arrival card? I had no idea what she was talking about. I gave her all the forms from the plane which we filled up. She repeated this is not the right form. Where is the arrival card? I looked around and none of us from the plane went through. More and more people were coming looking lost. I asked Lady Grump where I can get the correct form as that was what was given us on the plane. She had some forms in front of her and gave me two. P was in the another line, the one for foreigners so I don't know how he was faring. But while I was still waiting, he came up to us asking for a pen. So I guess he already knew the form we had was wrong.

I was so frustrated with the whole thing because I filled everything up on the plane so I wouldn't have any difficulty while going through immigration since I had a shoulder bag, backpack and Via with me. I went to sit on the stairs to fill up the new forms for Via and me. I saw P filling up his form by the wall.
I have always flown PAL because I was happy with their service. I only took Cebu Pacific once years ago going to Bacolod. I said never again. The flight crew of this BKK-MNL flight though were not as gracious and accommodating as the others. On the MNL-BKK flight, we were given food for Via and a blanket right away. And the sort of head flight attendant encouraged us to use the empty seat beside us. She came to check on us from time to time to see that we were okay. Via was very good on the flight. She didn't cry at all during take off. Just looked out the window. The fell asleep after eating. No trouble at all.
On the flight back, the head flight attendant was grumpy and even told a passenger (she looked middle eastern) where was she going in a rude way. I think the lady asked to change seats. There was no baby food and no blanket (well we could have asked for one I know). But the worst thing was they gave us the wrong arrival/departure form. They tried to cover all the bases I guess because we were given the old arrival form, the customs form, and health form as well as the new arrival/departure card. But they cut it in half. I think they wanted to just give us the arrival card but somebody goofed and gave us the half that was the departure card. Well, it can't be perfect all the time.


Femmepower January 5, 2010 at 5:34 PM  

It must have been such a hassle for you filling up a wrong form.And i definitely dislike poor customer service.A simple smile and friendly tone of voice can make a big difference so why don't people just do that? I'm glad i never had any problem with Cebu Pacific's customer service during my local flights.

Ey,your daughter looks so cute.=)

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